Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Some renders

After a really nice Christmas weekend, I got a couple of these put together. It feels pretty nice :) There was some error uploading videos directly to the blog, so unfortunately I have to provide links instead. Please check them out :)

These are also up on my website, which I overhauled a couple weeks ago.
Francois, looking as haughty as any Fancy-Goat should!
Jack Mamba, all coloured at last :)

These were uploaded in SD, when I put my final reel together, I'm going to upload in HD.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

Wow, it looks like my blog fell victim to the same fate as my facebook account... Doomed to be used once every few months! I'm going to work a little harder to keep this here updated, because I'd love to be able to look back at my own work years down the road.

So what happened between now and forever ago? For one, I got an amazing new computer that it great to work with... the old one had a bit of a problem with crashing constantly while I was using creative software.

I got work done on Francois:

Here's Francois with all of the Control Objects from the rig visible. It might be a bit cluttered, but it works great for my first try and I am happy with the results :)
Here's the rig with all of the hidden objects and enveloped bones shown. I'm not used to doing rigs like this, so for me the hierarchy and constraints were a challenge to work with!
D'aww, Francois.
He's the most pompous goat ever (Not counting the other Fancy-Goats, of course).

I got to learn about poly painting and projections with Jack Mamba:

Pretty happy with how this guy turned out too.
 Yeah, in the final version his shirt isn't actually high-gloss. That was just a material mix-up.

I spent a great deal of my time actually trying to bake a normal map of the detail from this sculpt onto the low poly version that I started with. Wow, I mean a lot of time. I feel really defeated by the problem I'm having with it.

I'm also creating a couple of still life scenes, one using that skull I launched this blog with. It might look neat with a camera panning around it. So yes, that's still to come!